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1) What does the tour fare include?

-- Accommodation Plan includes 1 night stay with 1 dinner and 1 breakfast + service charge and taxes.
-- Romancecar Set Plan includes the above items + round-trip Romancecar tickets and normal train tickets between Shinjuku and Hakone.

2) If we need breakfast only (no dinner), can you arrange?
-- Yes, we have a Breakfast only plan. Please contact us via email.
3) Is Child fare for how old child?
-- Our Plans include Child A and Child B. Child A = Primary School Child and Child B = Age 3 - Preschool Child.
*The difference between Child A and Child B:
Child A = Meal and futon or bed for child provided almost equivalent to adult.
Child B = Child meal and futon or bed provided.
4) Do we need to pay extra fare for using public hot spring?
-- No. The tour fare includes onsen tax, so you do not need to pay any extra fee for using the public hot spring bath.
However, if you want to use the reserved private hot spring bath, you need to pay the fee in some cases.


1) After settle the payment, can we change our booking?
-- Yes, you can change your booking contents. Please notify us as soon as possible.
However, the service charge may cost if the change is made durin the cancellation charge applicable period.


1) Can my hotel or ryokan keep your lugguage before check-in and after check-out?
-- Yes, allmost all accommodations accept to keep your luggage before check-in and after your check-out.
Please keep your valuable goods with you at all times.
2) Can we do early check-in if we arrive early?
-- No. Usually accommodations do not accept early check-in. You can leave your big luggage before check-in time.
3) Do we need to bring own pyjama?
-- Most hotels and Ryokans provide Yukata or bathrobes.


1-1) How we can access from Narita Airport or Haneda Airport to Shinjuku station?
1-2) How long will we take Narita Airport to Shinjuku?
1-3) How long will we take Haneda Airport to Shinjuku?
-- From Narita Airport, there are 2 different ways to get to Shinjuku station:
1) Take Airport Limousine Bus, it takes approx 2 hours. Click here for Airport Limousine Bus.
2) Take Narita Express (JR Express Train), it takes approx 90 minutes. Click here for Narita Express.

-- From Haneda Airport
1) Take Airport Limousine Bus, it will take approx 30 minutes.
2) Can we access to Narita Airport directly from Hakone?
-- NO. There is no direct transportation from Narita Airport to Hakone, Hakone to Narita Airport.
3) When should we leave Hakone before we take flight from Narita Airport?
-- You should be Naria Airport at least 2 hours before of your flight, so you must leave Hakone before 5 to 6 hours of your flight.

Odakyu Ltd. Exp. Romancecar

1) What is Romancecar?
-- Romancecar is Odakyu's limited express train, offering the fastest link between Shinjuku and Hakone-Yumoto.
2) What is difference between Romancecar Limited Express and Normal Train?
-- All seats are reserved seats in Romancecar and it takes only 85 minutes from Shinjuku to Hakone-Yumoto.
For Normal Train, it takes approx 2 hours and seats are not reserved.
For Romancecar, you need Normal Train ticket for train operation + Limited Express ticket for seats reservation.
3) What is the observation deck?
-- There are 4 types or Romancecar models as of April 2015.
VSE Car model and LSE Car model have the limited number of observation deck seats in the first and last cars.
The Romancecar seats booking is started from 1 month before.
4) Do we need to pay extra fee for the observation deck seats?
-- No. You do not need to pay any extra fee for the observation deck seat.
5) Can we change the departure time at the station on the spot?
-- Our tickets are reserved tickets and cannot be changed/refunded at the station.
If you want to take a different departure, you need to purchase the new ticket by yourself.
6) If we missed our Romancecar, how can I do?
-- If you missed your Romancecar, the reserved seats will be invalid.
You will need to purchase the new ticket by yourself.
7) Can we make a stopover between Shinjuku and Hakone-Yumoto?
-- No, our tickets are reserved tickets between Shinjuku and Hakone-Yumoto only.
If you make a stopover, your Romancecar ticket will be invalid.
8) How much is Romancecar fare for Children?
-- Adult Romancecar fee's 50%. Round to the nearest 5 above.

Hakone Freepass

1) What is Hakone Freepass?
-- Hakone Freepass is a discount excursion ticket offering full coverage of the popular sightseeing destinations in Hakone.
Hakone Freepass allows you to get on and off freely within a specified area, as well as providing discount admission to
various attractions in the area, and also includes return transportation on the Odakyu Line.
2) Can we purchawe 1 Day Hakone Freepass?
-- No. Hakone Freepass is either 2 Days pass or 3 Days pass only.
3) We will stay in Hakone for 3days, but we just need 2 days Hakone Freepass, can we purchase 2 days Hakone Freepass?
-- No. If you are staying 2 Days 1 Night, please purchase 2 Days pass and 3 Days pass for 3 Days 2 Nights stay.
(Also it is cheaper than purchasing 2days Hakone Freepass)

Gotemba Premium Outlets

1) What is Gotemba Premium Outlets?
-- One of the largest outlet shopping centers in Japan, and the only one that gives you a view of Mt. Fuji while you shop.
With 210 stores covering everything from casual to luxury, you can enjoy a fun day on the town while shopping and good
view of Mt .Fuji in Gotemba.
2) How can we access to Gotemba Outlets from Hakone?
-- You can take a bus from Hakone to Gotemba Premium Outlets. You can check the bus route on the below page:
Hakone Tozan Bus Route
3) We want to go to Gotemba Outlets before coming back to Shinjuku.
Do we still need to take Romancecar from Hakone-Yumoto station? Or we have another way to come back to Shinjuku?
-- If you are going to Gotemba Outlets before/after staying in Hakone, we recommend you to take Odakyu Hakone
Highway Bus (Tomei-Gotemba Bus stop) from/to Shinjuku. Please inquire us for more information.

Hakone / Fuji Sightseeing Spot

1) Please tell me the model sightseeing Course of Hakone area.
-- Hakone Model Sightseeing Course
2) Please tell me the model sightseeing Course of Fuji area?
-- Fuji Hakone Model Course

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